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Close to our roots, close to tradition

The island’s tourism growth over the last few years has brought both the local cuisine and the traditional flavours of Astypalea, in the spotlight. Thousands of visitors from around the world slowly started to look for local recipes, embracing home cooked food. And gradually, the use of pure raw materials generously found on the island was rewarded. Right about then, we started gathering our thoughts about creating a traditional bakery to produce traditional products, called "Eliana".

So, we started gathering all the precious recipes from Astypalea. We started talking to our grandparents, recording the recipes and putting them on paper. Recipes that traveled unchanged over the centuries, by word of mouth, so as to reach today. And we then set a goal: to keep these recipes and methods alive. And we then made a promise: never to sacrifice quality.

Finally, in 2007 we proceeded with the investment and creation of our traditional workshop in Astypalea’s Chora, in our newly established and privately owned facilities. Since then, we have been constantly driven by our philosophy, which is nothing more than honoring our roots and celebrating the customs of our homeland.

Even though the traditional production methods are reverently followed, we apply strict quality criteria. The traditional workshop has been certified with the Food Safety Management System (ISO 22000: 2005),  since the beginning of its operation. Just like the old days, we use only pure local ingredients, the appropriate manual process and of course, loads of passion, since we produce our goodies ourselves. We trust in Astypalea’s local products, such as the local yolk (saffron), chlori (local cheese), milk and thyme honey (all local), as well as Chios mastic, without any preservatives or additives.

Bringing yesterday's wisdom into today.

Our vision is to revive and keep the authentic recipes of the island unchanged. By using materials of excellent quality from the island of Astypalea, we wish to create products of high nutritional value that originate from Greece and are able to travel all over the world.

Warm and full of fresh aromas and colours, traditional workshop "Eliana" brings yesterday’s wisdom into today by handcrafting genuine local products, devoutly honouring and respecting the tradition of our homeland.

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